July 1, 2009


Alex Nino Story Titles
Alex Nino 1973 House of Mystery #212
Alex Nino 1974 House of Secrets #115

Jim Aparo Batman and Spectre
Jim Aparo 1972 House of Mystery #209

Roy Crane 1944 Buz Sawyer
Roy Crane 1933 Wash Tubbs

Jim Lee 2005-2006 All-Sar Batman

Paul Pope 2005 Solo

Neal Adams 1970 Detective Comics #402

Leinil Yu 2005 Batman & Danger Girl
Leinil Yu 2005 Silent Dragon
Leinil Yu 2003 Superman Birthright

James Sturm 2001 Golem's Mighty Swing

Alex Toth 1972 White Devil... Yellow Devil

Vicente Alcazar 1978 The Castaways

Dick Briefer 1946 Frankenstein

Frank Robbins 23 Sample Pages

Marshall Rogers 1978 & 2005 Batman

Jack Jackson Comanche Moon & Los Tejanos

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