John Singer Sargent: American School

(From "Treasury of Art Masterpieces")

The JSS Sargent Gallery

Very broad web site covering Sargent in an exhaustive way. A vast amount of information, much of which I've never run across in my reading. Recommended. Go here.

Art Renewal Sargent Page

Artrenewal is a site dedicated to propagating classic painting to contemporary times. They have one of the largest 'web museums' of art there is. The front page is here.

Sargent at Harvard

A very nice site listing and detailing the Sargent artworks collected at the Harvard Art Museums

PBS News Hour Essay

Short Essay discussing Sargent and the 1999 exhibit at the National Gallery.

National Gallery of Art Sargent Collection

Link goes to pagelisting the National Gallery of Arts Sargent online content.


Carol Gerten's excellent collection of Sargent images. Includes a short biographical note and a informative letter from a Sargent relative.

Impressionist Art Prints Company

Link goes to commercial web site selling some Sargent art prints.

Mark Harden's Artchive: Sargent

Small selection of images.

Webmuseum: Sargent

Brief site with a half-dozen Sargent images. 

Sargent at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Site on the June - September, 1999 Sargent exhibit.

SUNET Swedish University Network

Site with a few images.

Artguide: John Singer Sargent

List of Sargent images in England as selected by Artguide staff. Includes links area.

Safran-arts: John Singer Sargent

List of obvious, and some more rare, links on the net.

Other Links

National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery in Washington DC has a large collection, much of which can be viewed and explored online.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Art Museum

This Boston area Museum contains Gardner's, a former patron of Sargent, collection of art.

National Museum of American Art

Washington DC Smithsonian American Art collection. Link goes totheir sole Sargent work. includes online image.

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