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I have received various requestions and questions over the years concerning Reginald Marsh. I hope to compile them here to assist other internet users who may have the same questions.

Is my Print of HIGH YALLER worth very much?
Original 1936 prints are known to sell for $50.00 - $125.00 a piece. For additional info, visit the page on High Yaller.

Reginald Marsh Self Portrait 1933

New Book on Marsh Coming - Oct 2012

Swing Time Reginald Marsh New York City

Hardcover: 176 pages
Publisher: D Giles Ltd
Coming in October 2012.

Swing Time: Reginald Marsh and Thirties New York

By Barbara Haskell (Editor), Erika Doss, Barbara Haskell, Jackson Lears, Lance Mayer and Gay Myers, and Sasha Nicholas Morris Dickstein (Editor)

High Yaller Reginald Marsh

Reginald Marsh

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