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"Pip and flip"

Pip and Flip by Reginald Marsh

Large Version Pip and Flip

Pip and Flip
Tempera on paper, mounted to canvas
48.25" x 48.25"

Pip and Flip were twins who were often advertised as coming from the Yucatan of Mexico (although sometimes also from Australia). They were actually born in New York and the sisters 'real' names were Elvira and Jenny Lee Snow. They suffered from the birth defect of microcephaly which contributed to their "pinhead" physicality. They often worked in Coney Island side shows during the 1930's. They appeared in the 1933 MGM movie Freaks, directed by Tod Browning. (For images related to this movie, visit sideshowworld and the IMDB page on the movie here.

Pip and Flip - Detail Image Below

Detail Image Pip and Flip

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This painting is in the Terra Museum of American Art in Chicago. A color 5" x 5" notecard reproduction of the painting can be purchased from the museum for $1.50. Their telephone number is 312-664-3939. Ask for the museum store.

The Terra Museum of American Art web site is here.

New Book on Marsh Coming - Oct 2012

Swing Time Reginald Marsh New York City

Hardcover: 176 pages
Publisher: D Giles Ltd
Coming in October 2012.

Swing Time: Reginald Marsh and Thirties New York

By Barbara Haskell (Editor), Erika Doss, Barbara Haskell, Jackson Lears, Lance Mayer and Gay Myers, and Sasha Nicholas Morris Dickstein (Editor)

High Yaller Reginald Marsh

Reginald Marsh

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