Photo picture images of the battleship USS Arkansas

Early 1920s at sea

Battleship Uss Arkansas BB-33 Postcard

Click image to enlarge - Postcard USS Arkansas

1942 refit

USS Arkansas in 1942

USS Arkansas after 1942 refit.
Notice the"basket" mast has been replaced
with the "tripod" mast.
Also, a whole smoke stack has been removed.
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USS Arkansas being built

uss arkansas 1911

[Below] The USS Arkansas under construction in 1911.

Photo courtesy of Michael Pocock's Maritime Quest.

Taft aboard the USS Arkansas

uss arkansas taft 1912

President William Taft boarding the USS Arkansas in 1912.

Photo courtesy of Michael Pocock's Maritime Quest.

1916 Photo

USS Arkansas BB-33 - click to enlarge

The USS Arkansas in 1916. Courtesy of the Steve Weems collection.

See this 1916 photo enlarged


uss arkansas 1945

The USS Arkansas in 1945.

The Baker Atomic Test

A photo of the "Baker" test during Operation Crossroads held at Bikini Atoll. The dark shape being lifted into the water column is usually identified as the "Arky."

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