7th Fleet with McKean, Yorktown, Grady, Eversole

Seventh Fleet about 1963: appears to be USS Yorktown in the center, with DE-445 USS Grady, USS McKean, and DD-789 USS Eversole, among others (see key below). May be FFG-3 USS Schofield inbetween the two submarines. 7th Fleet Key Photo

About the USS McKean DD-784

Named after Commodore William Wister McKean, Union squadron commander, born 1800 – died April 22, 1865.

About the McKean

Gearing-class destroyers were utilized by eleven different navies of the world, first the United States, where the program began during World War II (with the launch of the USS Gearing* DD-710 on February 18, 1945), but later by ten other countries, including: Republic of China Navy, Hellenic (Greek) Navy, Republic of Korea Navy, Spanish Navy, Turkish Navy, Pakistan Navy, Argentine Navy, Brazilian Navy, the Mexican Navy, the Ecuadorian Navy, and Islamic Republic of Iran Navy.

Originally 152 Gearing destroyers were planned, but only 98 were completed. Of these 98, only 5 are known to still be in existence, preserved or in storage. The remaining 93 were either sunk, scrapped or used for target practice (for example, the McKean, spare parts removed, the hulk sunk by a Harpoon missile launch in July 1987 at Antalya Bay). DD-784 was the second ship of the USN to carry the name.**

Bay of Antalya Turkey - USS McKean location

Gearing destroyers were updated versions of the Allen M. Sumner class destroyers (58 were built), the main difference being a 14 foot length difference which benefitted the Gearing destroyers with larger fuel tanks and thereby larger performance range.

USS McKean (DD-784) was the 18th Gearing-class destroyer of the United States Navy. The McKean was built by the Todd Pacific Ship Building Company in Seattle, Washington State (during the time of the Gearing program, other Gearing destroyers were built in other shipyards on the West Coast and also in Texas and New Jersey). The USS McKean launch date was March 31, 1945. Decommission was October 1, 1981, followed by transfer to Turkey, November 2, 1982.

McKean Military service:

Korean War: 7th Fleet, McKean under the command of Cdr. H. L Reiter, Jr., USN.

Vietnam War: 7th Fleet, Commander J. E. Mitchell.

Significant dates:

March 31, 1945: Launched

Late 1945: Occupation force duty in Japan

June 1950: Joins 7th fleet in Korea, Task Force 77

Nov 1950: Commander John Weatherwax instated

Dec 1950: Duty with Task Force 72, Taiwan Strait, then participating in the Hungnam (North Korea) withdrawal of US forces on December 24. It is during this time the McKean, while working with Task Force 77, is believed to have sunk a Russian submarine.

Jan 1951: Duty with Task Force 95

Jan 1952: Designated DDR-784

1955: Participation in the nuclear test for Operation Wigwam.

1956: Visit to Melbourne, Australia

Feb 1964, FRAM refitting updating the McKean's anti-submarine capabilities.

July 1965: 7th Fleet with the South China Sea Attack Carrier Strike Group

Nov 1966: Rescue patrols at the Gulf of Tonkin

May 1967: Visits to Australia and then New Zealand to commemorate the Battle of the Coral Sea.

June 8, 1967: Back to home port of Long beach and then overhaul at Mare Island

March 1968: Duties along Japan, returned to Long Beach later in the year

1970: Training exercises along California and then returned to Western Pacific patrol

Nov 1971: Escorted British carrier HMS Eagle R05 (Audacious-class) to Sea of India

Dec 1971: Task Force 74, Bay of Bengal, returning to Long Beach at the end of the year

1972: The McKean is moved to the United States Naval Reserve

1981: Decommissioned

1982: Transferred to Turkish navy

1987: Sunk during exercises at the Bay of Antalya


*The last Gearing destroyer was the USS Meredith, DD-890, launched June 28, 1945.

** The other USS McKean was DD-80, a Wickes class destroyer launched in 1918.

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Photo Collage USS McKean
USS McKean Rancher Silouhette

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