USS McKean 1951 Profile of the destroyer

USS McKean DD-784 profile enlarged

Color enlarged midship profile


Photograph of the McKean from 1951
(Photographs courtesy of the family of Ronald Burkhart BMSN, who served aboard the USS McKean 1951-1954.)

USS McKean Midship Destroyer - USS McKean Stern

See another photograph of the McKean shot from the stern from the family of Ronald Burkhart BMSN

USS McKean from Port Stern

[Below] From a May 2009 email from the Chris Talbert family, Arizona:

"My father-in-law's ship... he was in the Navy during the Korean war and the McKean was DDR 784. His name was Ronald Burkhart BMSN and served between 1951 and 1954. He died in Lake Havasu in 1982."

Photo Collage USS McKean
USS McKean Rancher Silouhette

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