Historical County Court House

Courthouse Chesterfield Virginia

Snow in Chesterfield

Cosby Lake 1

Cosby Lake Chesterfield Virginia snow

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Cosby Lake 2

Cosby Lake in the Snow - sunset Chesterfield VA

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The 1917 'historical' Chesterfield County Courthouse - Autumn 2013

1917 Chesterfield County Courthouse Autumn 2013

The modern Chesterfield County Courthouse at Ironbridge Rd and Courthouse Rd

(Chesterfield County Adminstration Building at Lori Road and Ironbridge-Route 10)

Chesterfield Court House Virginia

Backroad at Henricus, Chesterfield County

Henricus Back Road Chesterfield Virginia

Dutch Gap Bridge, Chesterfield

Varina Enon Bridge Chesterfield Dutch Gap

At I-295 - the Varina Enon Bridge which crosses over the James River at Dutch Gap, near the Henricus Historical Park. Henricus is a 810 acre conservation area.

Cosby Lake, Chesterfield Autumn 2013

Cosby Lake Chesterfield Virginia

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Ironbridge and Beach Road, in North Chesterfield, Virginia

Ironbridge Road sunset and Beach in Chesterfield

Sky over Chesterfield - July 2013

Sky over Chesterfield Virginia

Antique Ford along Ironbridge

Antique Ford Pickup in CHesterfield Virginia 1

Antique Ford Pickup in CHesterfield Virginia 2

White blossoms at the Central Library, Chesterfield - April 15, 2013

White blossoms at the Central Library, Chesterfield

Unexpected Snow Storm in Chesterfield!

Snow Storm in Chesterfield

Predicted flurries turned into several inches of snow for Chesterfield on March 24, 2013. Photo from along Ironbridge road.

Comic-Con at Chesterfield Meadowdale Library, March 23

Darth Vader in Chesterfield

Batman, Spiderman, Darth Vader and others were on hand for the Chesterfield Library (Meadowdale Branch) Comic-Con 2013.

See additional photos from the March 23, 2013 event

Chesterfield County is located in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the 10th state of the United States (Virginia entered the Union on June 26, 1788).1 The county of Chesterfield was founded in 1749 on May 25 and named after Lord Chesterfield (aka Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield, lived 1694-1773) who was a British statesman. 2 The population of Chesterfield in the year 2009 was 306,670 (up from the 2006 estimate of 296,718 by the U.S. Census Bureau, an increase of 14% from the official census count in 2000). 3

Chesterfield is in the metropolitan area of Richmond, the capitol of Virginia. Chesterfield's land mass is 425 square miles, with an avergage of 610 persons per mile. The U.S. Census lists the median household income for Chesterfield as $63,931 for 2006. Retail sales in 2006 are estimated at $2.8 million, and manufacturing in Chesterfield shipped approximately $3.1 million in goods in 2006. 4

Chesterfield County Government BUilding

[Above] Chesterfield County Government Building at 9901 Lori Road, Chesterfield, VA 23832, (804) 748-1000

Chesterfield County Government Lori Road

[Above] Chesterfield County Government Building at 9901 Lori Road, Chesterfield, VA 23832, (804) 748-1000

Average New Home Price in Chesterfield

2011 $314, 844
2012 $310,433

Average Used Home Price in Chesterfield

2011 $224,326
2012 $215,541

Source: Richmond Source Book 2013/Integra Realty Resources: Richmond

The Historic 1917 Chesterfield Courthouse: Feb 17, 2013

Chesterfield Historic Court House form 1917


Ducks Geese and Seagulls at the Chesterfield County Power Plant

Ducks and Geese (and Seagulls) at the Chesterfield County Power Plant / Dominion Power. See larger.

Confederate Memorial at the Chesterfield Virginia

Confederate Memorial in Chesterfield County VA


The Chesterfield Confederate Memorial "virtus" in the snow

Confederate Memorial in the snow, Chesterfield County


COSBY LAKE (below)

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Cosby Lake at Dusk in Chesterfield Virginia

Winter fog Cosby Lake in Central Virginia

Varina-Enon Suspension Bridge James River

The Varina-Enon Suspension Bridge near Dutch Gap, spanning over the James River. January 2011.


Chesterfield Admin Building Pocahntas State Park

Sky over Chesterfield January

Sky over Chesterfield

Recent Snow in Chesterfield

Chester Historical Court House in Snow

The 1917 Chesterfield Courthouse, in the snow

[Below: The 1917 Chesterfield Courthouse.]
Chesterfield Courthouse Built 1917
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